The Outdoor Puzzle

provides towels which are made of pure natural fibers and offer many advantages compared to conventional types of towels.

Thanks to premium cotton used with extra long fibers the yarn has fewer joins which results in stronger and smoother cotton threads. With this unique material The Outdoor Puzzle towels get even softer and more absorbent with successive use and washings.

Towels usually range between being extra absorbent or barely absorbent. Both of these have their own disadvantages. Being too absorbent keeps towel wet for a long time and the dampness causes smell, and less absorbency means it will hardly soak any water, counterproductive to its purpose. The Outdoor Puzzle towels offer the perfect balance, being extremely absorbent yet quick to dry. 

100×170 cm, 300 gr

Three colour options: Turquoise & Navy & Beige

The production is made by traditional loom workshops spread to various villages instead of one factory. The reason of this system is to keep the traditions of each family business alive and to provide equal production opportunity for everyone in the supply chain instead of one central production facility. The yarn is dyed with certified dyes (Oeko-Tex┬« Standard 100)  which do not include toxic chemicals.

The following table shows some of the advantages of The Outdoor Puzzle towels

As the The Outdoor Puzzle towels are made of thin cotton material and wick moisture away from the body, they are more odour resistant than a standard bath towel.

Microfibre towels are made of synthetic fibres such as polyester and polyamid. Every time you wash them they shed plastic threads, mixing up microplastics threads in the residual water.

Ideal for sport facilities, pools, spas, saunas and yoga. Stuff in your gym bag or sports bag. Throw it on the beach, pick it up and the sand will not stick to it. If you are travel enthusiast or backpacking around the world you will probably need a packable towel. You can pop them in your handbag or day pack.